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Dance Like No One Is Watching
& Dress Like Everyone Is!

*Do you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear?
*Do you want to accessorize but not sure what works?
*Not sure what COLORS are best for you?
*Want to be on trend but not sure where to start?                                                                                                          

*What works for your body type and your personal style?

Your style is an expression of yourself.  What are you telling the world. Are you fun and funky or classic and demure? Whatever your style it is amazing and should be celebrated. The COLORS you wear tell a story.  They brighten your face and can make a difference in how people see and receive you. 

Do you love clothes, jewels, Love style?  Have no idea where to start?

I work with  women who want to organize and maximize their wardrobe, who are feeling overwhelmed and have no idea what where to begin.  If you are ready to have an organized closet and simplify your life, I can help take the stress our of getting ready for your day or evening and maximize your current wardrobe. This will save time and money.

Let’s shop your closet first.  You will be amazed what a difference a couple of hours can make. In the mean time check a few tips below.


It is always that time of the year to clear the clutter.  Your closet can slow you down in the morning and cost you time and money.  First let’s clear out the closet and organize so we can find what we need when we need it.  I know I have been guilty in the past of wasting my precious time and with great frustration not be able to find what I need.  Tips: Get felt hangers so items do not end up on the floor.  Separate by item, then by style and color.  Make sure when you put them back you put them where you got them.  It will take some effort at first but once you get used to it, it will be a normal routine and no more fighting to find what you want.  I would love to support your efforts.  It is always easier for someone else to see what looks good and what needs to change on you and your style.  Check out ‘Opportunities I offer’ page for more information.  Love your referrals. / 650-465-2456