A Package Deal

Is this you? 

If you look in your closet every day and feel stressed and overwhelmed it is time to make a change. What would it be like to get up in the morning, know what you are wearing and what goes with what, and add jewelry, and like magic you look amazing and with little effort (really). You feel great and others admire your personal style.

It is possible to have that.  I love to work with women to help organize their closet and accessorize so that they can do just that.  It will take us a few hours and you can eliminate one stress out of your life, yippee!


Color Assessment: This is very different for each person.  Are you a cool or a warm or neutral?  Which colors on the color wheel work best for your coloring.  Are you wearing the right clothes for your body shape? When you walk into a room are you noticed for the right reason? We work together to show you how color can change everything and for work personal and leisure. What would that do for you to know and feel confident in what you are projecting everyday.  You fill out information that helps determine what your colors are.  We also use swatches to determine the best colors for your tone.  We measure your body shape and determine what styles work best for you and how to wear them.  

Shop Your Closet: This is a fun and rewarding experience. First we go through what you currently have in your closet. Rid yourself of clutter items that are either out of style or possibly do not fit. Make decisions whether it is worth altering or time to replace. Mix and match so you have more options in your own closet. I help you figure out what items you may want to add to update your wardrobe for the coming season. This can save you money and time. Tips to organize your closet to save you time and money. We will also figure your body type an what works best for you. So when you go shopping you will know what to shop for and simply that experience too.

Personal Shopping: We would fill out the assessment so we know what direction we are going and talk about your style and colors first.  It will not help if we go shopping aimlessly. It can be for a personal occasion or new wardrobe. 

Package Deal
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